Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanks Coach Beamer!

E9 is such an over-the-top college football fan and of course an avid Hokies fan, that I encouraged him to write a letter to Coach Beamer and the Virginia Tech Football team. In it, I explained, he could congratulate them on a fantastic, hard-working season and tell them how he looks forward to seeing them in the Orange Bowl. It was the perfect opportunity to teach friendly letter form and to coach E9 on how to be an encourager while leaving out all the things he thought they could do better! You know try to get him to empathize on which sounds more encouraging, "You did great, but...." or , "You did great!"

The letter above is a second copy of the one he sent. We were so anxious to get it in the mail that we forgot to make a a copy. He did use the full friendly letter form, but of course our personal information was taken out there. He also signed in cursive and titled himself their most devoted 9 year old fan.

Below is the letter he received today in the mail. I had been praying that he would receive an answer back from them. We sent it on December 4th and the response arrived today- December 14th! We did try to prepare him that he may not hear back because the team is busy preparing for their bowl game, etc.

It's exciting that he received a personal letter back with an actual ball point signature from Frank Beamer himself!

So, thanks Coach Beamer for taking the time to respond to a most devoted fan. The letter has made it to the scrapbook already. What an exciting moment when I held the letter up and E9 read the return address!

We'll see you at the Orange Bowl in January!


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