Friday, December 14, 2007

Right on Time!

Thanks FedEx guy...they arrived just in time- though I wasn't impressed with the manner in which they were left (next to the door lying on its side- as in the biggest, widest side up toward the sky catching lots of new snow. There was a plastic bag but it wasn't on the package just sort of next to it). Thankfully the contents of the box wasn't offended by such an environment. I thought sure we had the right sized boot for E9 this season, but our excursion to get the Christmas tree proved otherwise. On the way there, E9 reported from the back that he couldn't feel his toes. What?! There must be some mistake. You were just that size last time...clearly we never ordered up last year so this year he was really pressing the limits! Behavior like this explains why the size 13 boots are not in the collection. These slick snow boots are an LLBean special and provide ultimate warmth and most importantly they keep little kid feet dry. Everybody knows the key to lasting outside a long time is warm or at least dry feet, covered wrists and probably a warm head! We have a whole collection of these LLBean beauties...mostly in black with gray, black with navy blue, black with light blue...and now this dazzling red. Sorry the only girl can't wear pink boots, it would buck the system. She can pull off red and navy though. That's just the way the world is I guess. I do make an exception for outerwear. She is all decked out in purple and pinks from head to toe.

And since we may get at least another foot- if not two more feet of snow this weekend, the boots really did get here just in time! Other items arriving in time are two new sleds built for speed and a set of new snow tires for the van. Nothing like buying two brand new sets of tires in as many months! Just in case you didn't are WAY bigger up in person inside your house than they appear on your vehicle. What an illusion that is!

Anyway...welcome winter! Bring it on!!

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CB said...

Nice boots! I agree that the only girl doesn't get pink boots! We get black boots and snow pants. She can have her pink coat!

I'm also part of the FIAR blog ring, by the way. :)