Friday, December 7, 2007

He's at It Again!

The 5 just quit. Done. Finished. I had given up. Resigned myself to the fact that I was getting a new phone for Christmas. Until Dan came along this evening...this time when he couldn't make a phone call, he got his trusty screwdriver and took the phone all apart. "Gel", he said. "There's a gel in there that is either in the way or not in the right place."

He cleaned all the parts with alcohol. He rinsed that scary, rubbery looking thing with soap and water to remove the gel and as I was loading up this picture, he came downstairs in triumphant glory, verbally sharing the number he was dialing- which of course had a 5 in it.

Engineers are special people. If there's a problem, it MUST be solved. If you don't know one, I can tell you they are good people to get to know because a good engineer WILL solve the problem!

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Jennifer said...

ROFLOL!!!!! Too, too funny! Well, you could call me now if you wanted to. ;)