Tuesday, December 4, 2007

2007 FIAR Ornaments

For the second year in a row, we participated in the Five in a Row Christmas ornament exchange. We are assigned to a list by the ever-generous-with -her-time organizer and we make roughly 9 to 12 ornaments to share. This year we have received about 7 or 8 ornaments all related to FIAR titles so far which is SO cool!

Last year we had a mix of story titles and winter/Christmas fun. The kids really enjoyed visiting the mailbox for the last few weeks and they love seeing them on the tree.

We keep our large tree in the playroom because it's the biggest room in the house. We put a smaller, fake tree upstairs in the living room so it can be festive up there too.
In the past, we've put our "First Christmas Together" ornaments on that tree. Oh yes, we have a whole tree full. That's what happens when you get married December 23rd. Everyone is clever with the first Christmas Together idea! Anyway, some of those ornaments are pretty fragile so we have opted to put them high on the big tree for a while.

So, our Charlie Brown tree from our condo days sits upstairs full of homeschool-y non-breakable ornaments. And THAT is fun!

Our ornament is missing from the stash above. I put our extras somewhere and can't find them. These are super creative and fun to talk about.

Below is a shot of our tree with both sets of ornaments on it. Enjoy!

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