Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time to Declutter again!

Well folks, I'm back at it just in time for Christmas! Sorry for the blog neglect- traveling for Thanksgiving and recovering have taken up some time, but game on! I'm ready to hoe out and get ready for new "stuff" that will come our way. Plus, I'm ready to blog!! First this, then an update on Cranberry Thanksgiving.

Check out the kitchen table decluttering which happened yesterday mid-morning...

But while I was making my dining room beautiful, you'll never guess what J2 was doing to his brothers' room...

This called for some "planned neglect" so I could move on to the playroom because it's been a while and I hosted a homeschool support meeting down there last night...

The big wooden rocking chair has a new spot- I keep it because my parents got it for me at an auction for my dorm room in college. I did part with one that I loved more but had no room for. There has to be someplace for big people down here.

I did a little rearranging too so that the magnet board is featured for the time being. The castle has a new spot- keeps things fresh! J2 played marble run all afternoon yesterday. He and I had some good runs going. So cool!

This area still needs some work so if I say I'm working on the school half- well this is it! My desk back there by the window became scary again! Ahhh!

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Family O'Foxes said...

Cool school room area!

I need to work on mine also.
thanks for sharing!

FIAR- Amy [Oregon]