Saturday, November 17, 2007

Creative Play...

The kids have been crazy over building forts to play with their Lego guys lately. It's been one big playroom floor of blocks. There is always much grizzling over J2's little habit of knocking forts down. Dan decided to distract the little man with a train track running all around the fort. Wow! This has created a new frenzy and both battery op engines have been running full time.

Well, as stated before, I-5 has a particular knack for building anything like a ship or car or truck out of legos. It appears that his talents cross over into train building. Check out this next layout made by our five year old!!
Does I-5 rock at track building, or what?? Who needs all those special track risers when you have milk carton blocks. Just like our cardboard castle, I can't believe the milk cartons have been around so long. When E9 was 2yo I asked some MOPS mom friends to save half gallon cardboard cartons for me. I had zillions it seemed and I cut them and put them together to make preschool blocks for his birthday. Seven years later they are still here and as popular as ever!

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