Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Handwriting by I-5 (kindergarten)

I-5 has been working on RME lesson 6. Today was a review of the lesson with its letter sounds. We're taking it slow because with his speech history some sounds may be more difficult and after all, he's only 5!

We use StartWrite software for our handwriting. I love it because you can make anything a handwriting activity in any font both manuscript and cursive. I can also make handwriting paper which has been so useful.

In the past we've used Handwriting for a Reason, but this is so much nicer and doesn't require consumable workbooks- just plenty of paper!

So, we've been working on the letters that have been introduced with RME and this is today's work. I-5 is working hard at articulating the subtle differences between M and N. Then he drew the soccer net as his picture. I will say he had to work out a backwards upper case N...did I mention he's a leftie? Sometimes he likes to start from the other end of the paper and write completely backwards too...I never realized how hard it is to be a leftie when you are just starting out! He's getting better though!

Way to go I-5!

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