Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our Salt Dough Map Adventure

Today E9 made a salt dough map of The Alps. Neither of us had any experience with salt dough so it was fun to make sure it was the right consistency to make mountains. He started with a nice piece of cardboard on which he had drawn a map of Europe- well a rather cropped version of Europe because he wanted to fit it all in and was afraid he'd run out of room. So, it's a zoomed in version. I wish I had taken a picture of it before he began to sculpt.

We used a recipe from the Kid Concoction collection. I picked this book up at the MOPS Convention. Apparently, they only sell it where they speak and I was assigned the job of escorting the authors to their room. I had also signed up for the their session and it was easily one of the best there that weekend. If you ever have the opportunity to see the Thomas' show off their recipes, make sure to listen and enjoy!

In process! In about two days he gets to paint the map.

The semi-finished product- The Alps and a smidge of the Carpathian Mountains (Marie Curie enjoyed visiting them) in the background. The most notable or the highest peaks are identified. I guess you could say they really dominate the landscape!

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