Tuesday, August 7, 2007

More Progress...

It's what you've all been waiting for...well sort of! I have some home school improvement photos to share, but the desk though it looks way better than it did is still not done. It's been a holding spot as I work through other clutter spots in the room. I'll post as soon as it is done. I promise! Next stop is the desk so stay tuned!

This is it! The shelf! This one has been with us a long time...it's an IKEA crate shelf that once upon a time was in our condo kitchen when we first married and then it was in our craft/office room in our last house. Then it landed in our playroom when we moved here. It was the only shelf in the room then. Now it is an old standby that I try to put to good use.

The goal? To make sure whatever the kids need to have on hand can be grabbed easily from the shelf without knocking anything over! What's there? Pattern blocks, all the funtastic frogs and the cards that go with them (the books are up), crayons (used infrequently), dinosaur counters and cards, glue, playdough(for J2 during school but not the full collection), markers, lacing hands, vocabulary boxes for the three oldest, file folder games, and old wildlife magazines for cutting. Well that's what the kids need to get at anyway. There are a few things in the back. I think I'll add the balance to the shelf somehow as well- goes with the frogs!

The bookcase was straightened out and organized. This is where a lot of displaced books ended up after we put up the gutter shelves. Somehow we will rotate titles up to the gutters as time goes on.

Dress up hooks (I took apart the old huge box and replaced it with a smaller one) and we use these hooks to hold bags of other themed dress up- prairie is just hanging because it's so popular

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Alana said...

Looks good Heather! I bet you are starting to really enjoy that school room!