Friday, July 20, 2007

My Secret Lair

AKA my cropping corner! Dan built this for me within the first 8 mos of moving here as a gift for completing my masters degree. I figured who needs jewelry and other keepsakes? I needed a place to do what I love to do! I finished up the degree a few months before we moved up here and I was waaayyy to pregnant to participate in the graduation ceremony. Boy was I sad about that! Driving six hours the same weekend I was due is not wise. So, there it was. And believe me...this does not convey with the house unless I'm well compensated for it!

The shelves were here already but they were in long pieces that he cut apart and painted and put on brackets that are adjustable. The wire shelving is all Elfa from The Container Store. The 8ft desk surface is from The Home Depot.

I have to dig under lots of project clutter to get to my cutting tools, but the separate surface is counter top height so I can stand and cut away. Love it!

Thanks Dan for being such a good sport and indulging my passion!

This is my cutting center and on the floor in front of both desks is CLUTTER! This is my project right after the school room is done. My motivation? Easier scrapbooking and stamping time!

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Alana said...

Really cool Heather! Your Dan is so awesome to build that superb scrappin' center!