Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's Here!!

There is nothing more fun for homeschoolers looking forward to a new year of school than the day the box arrives from Rainbow Resource! This year I've split our school purchases into three different orders, but this one was the big one. Everyone gathers around for the much anticipated products that will bring our schooling to life.

I5 has been asking about his kindergarten math book all summer. When I made the order last week he wanted to be sure that his math books had been ordered. Today the very first thing he had to see and kept digging for were his math books! He laid on the floor flipping through them starting with book 1. He gets two workbooks for the year and he began at the first lesson. Page after page he asked for the direction on what he needed to do. I knew when I handed him his books it was only a matter of time before he asked me if he could get started! So, before bed tonight he did his first page of kindergarten math and he could not have been more delighted. Dan and I explained to him that he could begin if he remembered to treat the book like a school book and not a play time book where he picks and chooses pages and sometimes scribbles. He promised. I also told him he had to practice his name correctly in the space and that, that meant using lower case As in his name rather than his customary capital As. He made sure he knew what they looked like and set off. Well, I'll tell ya I've never seen him write his name so nicely in just the right way. Good for I5! Another joy of homeschooling is that I don't have to make him wait just because school has not officially begun. If he's ready to roll, then I say steam on ahead.

What else was in the box? Let's see...

Funtastic frogs- another set of 180 mixed frogs and the last three card sets for our preschoolers (these are Dan's nemesis and he can hardly believe I ordered more frogs. He doesn't appreciate frog clutter)

Lots o' Math- Horizons math 5 for E8, math 2 workbooks for R7, and of course the math K workbooks for I5.

Puzzles- two global puzzles with 600 pieces featuring the countries in their own shape and one has animals native to that country on it.

Maps- two write on wipe off maps US and World for our budding geographers to mark up

Pattern Blocks- wonderful, wood shape pieces nice and thick and two workbooks to work with the shapes one for older kids and one for younger kids.

Beyond FIAR volume 3- E8 will be rowing several books from this volume this year.

Big Book of Social Studies- fun book showing folds for content area notebooking and studying. E8 requested this one.

I had ordered some books in the spring covering some really fun geography and puppet making.

Now it's time to put it all together for this year's individual plans for the kids. T minus 3 weeks until the plans are due.

I'll be sure to share the final product with everyone soon.

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