Monday, April 9, 2007

The School Room and Play Space

Well- back in January I took some pictures of our school/play room. At the risk of showing my messy self, I will post some of these pictures. I would retake them or take them on a better day, but let's be real! On any given day this is our mess!

I am working on making this space less cluttered, but I think it is more important to play and do stuff together than it is to keep the space clean all the time. Having said that, it is clean right now because I wanted to vacuum!

Somehow, there is always a project going or something built they don't want to take down. There could be a fort going or an excellent marble run and inevitably I let them leave it up to play with sometime later and that's how it starts! After awhile there are "things" everywhere and nowhere to move. Then it's time to send in reinforcements and start all over with a clean room.

Plus, J the toddler man makes it hard to keep things together too. If we're in the middle of something, I'll grab whatever he shouldn't be holding and "put" it somewhere. Pretty soon nothing is in the proper place!

As soon as I get it more together and the stuff in the clutter has found a home, I will repost some pictures. Until then, know that my supplies and papers are probably looking for a new home along with our pencils and gluesticks (they are always sneaking away)! They are desperately searching for a more organized space, but secretly they know they will never find a home where they are more loved!


The Parson's Wife said...

Welcome to blogland! I love your pictures! Blessings on your home and school! Shawn <><

Alana said...

Heather, I wanted to ask you about the animal classification board you made. Is that just page protectors cut down to hold the cards?