Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thomas Edison

Back in the fall, E did a Beyond Five in a Row unit study on a biography of Thomas Edison. He sure had a good time learning about Tom's life. He was especially interested in finding out that Thomas Edison left school to be homeschooled just like he did!

E reports that he enjoyed learning about how a light bulb works and he spent a lot of time playing with his Snap Circuits. This is a wonderful electronic set that you can use to easily build circuits and get all kinds of lights lit or sounds going or fans spinning- you get the idea.

We also spent a bit of time talking about different chemicals and the periodic table of the elements. He was interested to know how different elements behave differently and how they are organized in the chart has everything to do with how they act and what properties they have.

Below are some photos of the lapbook he created along the way. You'll notice that we've been experimenting with different formats of the lapbook/notebook/scrapbook. This was the "I'm all about the lap book" phase of record keeping. We tried constructing a double folder book with TE.

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