Monday, November 12, 2012

School Cabinet {Supply Central}

Time for a close up of one of the items in our learning space- the supply cabinet. It's a gift from a friend and so perfect for our needs!

After losing a big, deep closet (not the best space but there was plenty of it), I really needed a large cabinet in which to hide some basic supplies. This lovely early American piece exceeds our expectations for storage. It makes me smile every time I see it or open it.

You know a space is just right when you still smile when you see the inside!

The cabinet is for supplies we use but are not used daily. They are also supplies that fall into the project category rather than just general craft supplies. Those are down in our basement now nearby to tables where the kids can work on their own.

So, what's inside? 
  • paints- we have Colorations temperas in basic primary colors plus black and white for coloring mixing and painting projects.
  • BioColor paints- also from Discount School Supply. These marbleize when mixed and are very enjoyable to paint with.
  • science equipment- stays in the middle on the bottom. Mostly right now this is glassware and pipettes
  • Inherited Art Supplies- from our retired pastor who does a lot of lovely drawing and painting. This is a pretty cool stash that includes lots of pastels, watercolors, and fun paper
  • Paper- we have the letter box of sulphite construction paper, watercolor paper, and plain white sulphite drawing paper in 50lb weight both 9x12 and 9x18 sizes. 
  • Laminator and pouches
  • ProClick Binder and the coils
  • Watercolors- our big box of water color supplies
  • glue and other adhesives, Mod Podge- luv Mod Podge! Also, some Shimmer n' Shine art glaze
  • stamps and other project supplies
  • tissue paper and other small box supplies in a stack
  • a few manipulatives and other misc items
I hope you enjoyed your peek inside this big cabinet. I thought it would be fun to list out some of our favorite supplies.

Stay tuned for more of the INSIDE tour of our learning spaces!


Anonymous said...

I love the paper roll! I need one of those for our school area and your bookshelves are so organized. You are inspiring me to do some organizing!

Kim @ Homestead Acres said...

I LOVE your cabinet!!

Heather said...

Thanks ladies!