Friday, August 31, 2012

Heritage History & the Age of the eReader!

How many of you have an eReader in your house? We are pretty late to catch on, but R12 has had a Kindle since Thanksgiving and I have the Kindle app on my Droid Bionic (with super powers) phone. R12 has loaded up as many free classics as she can reasonably find and loads more all the time. The Amazon gift card is one of her best friends as family members can give her new Kindle titles that way.

She adores her Kindle.

Imagine her excitement when I told her about Heritage History and how they've compiled many books from the public domain and sorted them into various time periods of history. She was delighted for the new content for her Kindle and based on some studies we are pursuing this year, I decided to try out the Early American History for starters.

Heritage History Homeschool Curriculum

You can download the content in a format for your PC, your Nook, or your Kindle so it doesn't matter which device you own. Loading the CD files onto your device is a pretty simple affair and you'll have gobs of biographies and other fun books on a history theme of your choice.

I'm new to the world of being an affiliate and I only endorse products I really love and use, but I'm excited to share a discount with you can use on Heritage History products. There are whole libraries based on different time periods in history along with curriculum, study guides, and individual ebooks. I would love to share more about how we are using the ebooks in future posts.

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Mama Eagle said...

My kids LOVE their kindle books. Our first Kindle arrived about a year ago, a cousin sent it to us for birthdays. Later a friend send us her old Kindle that she didn't use anymore - both are in almost constant use - along with every internet computer in the house having a Kindle app.

I was super delighted when I discovered how to find free Kindle books every day - and we now have accumulated over 6000 books - mostly for kids. Several friends also were interested, so I started a blog up so they could see what was available without having to drag through pages and pages searching for the new books each day.

I can't wait to check out your post connections as well! Thanks!!!!