Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Settled: Time & Space for Play

Well, this concludes the longest stretch without a blog post on Blog, She Wrote since April, 2007 when my blog began! Where have I been? Unpacking, unpacking, traveling to Dallas for MOPS Convention, and let's see...unpacking! It turns out unpacking takes longer than packing up. We moved to a new home (in case you are not a regular reader) about four weeks ago and we've been working hard ever since. I wanted to post pictures of our new learning spaces for the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop, but the pictures didn't turn out well and I haven't had a moment to make them right. I really need to find my camera's battery charger. Really.

While I was gone to Dallas for five days, Dan was at home with the kids unpacking and getting things settled. So, of all the rooms to start posting from at our new house...we'll start with the basement! We have a full walkout basement that's pretty large and one corner of it was finished off by the previous owner as a playroom for their daughter. We scrubbed up the tile floor and last week our playroom items moved in. How about those pink walls?!

This table was a gift from the previous owners (they left us quite a few things) and we are using it adjacent to the play area as a project table. There's another project table we cleaned up and use as well. Some of our craft items from our former craft closet will reside here.

Remember our former workbox shelves? They have a new use in our play area! Yay for repurposing!

Kapla blocks were unpacked yesterday and rushed first to the bedroom where the carpet would not do and then down to the play area.

A mansion is born. I love those steps!

More to come, but I thought this post was a fitting one to get me back into the blogging groove. It illustrates perfectly how we are really starting to settle in and make this our home. Free play with imaginative toys! Welcome home everyone!

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