Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top 6 Questions I'm Asked!

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This Week's topic (a few days late) is 10 Questions People Ask Me. In no particular order, here are a few things people say to me all the time: (only 6 because that is all that's coming to mind- sorry!)

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  • How do I do it? Well...I have my strategies. This could encompass so many things...
  • When do the kids get out of school/are you done already? Common question among the homeschoolers- when do you finish the year with your kids? Are they out (when public schools are getting close)
  • What do you use to teach your children? Again, this question can take all forms and can come from other homeschoolers, new homeschoolers, and those that know nothing about homeschooling.
  • Are they all yours? Love this one.
  • Is school out today? This one comes when we are out in town on a school day. I'm not always sure whether it's an honest inquiry or a way for people to ask why any child would ever be out of a school building where they belong during the day.
  • Will you do this all the way through? Another favorite. Most often a translation for, "You aren't thinking about homeschooling through high school are you? 

Short list...these are busy times. We move in two weeks! More blogging soon. I have some more blogging deadlines including two in the next couple of days. So, check back for some more action!

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