Friday, June 22, 2012

Time Out

This week we suspended time for a few days and took off for a camping trip on the St. Lawrence Seaway. We figured we had the weather covered with it being June on the Canadian border of NY, but sadly we had miserable hot, humid weather. In spite of the heat, we had a great time making memories and I'm excited to share some with you over the next few days.

This was a sign within our camp ground. Trust me when I say we all made a choice for the North Pole considering the weather!

If you are curious as to what we found to enjoy and you are not a visitor to Blog, She Wrote's facebook page, please go and read! I managed to share some pictures along the way.

We are home now and we hit the ground running. The suspension of time has come to a close and we have a new FLL season beginning tomorrow afternoon along with VBS next week and...there are now just three weeks until we move!

Stay tuned for more moments in our week!


Kirsten @ homeschool discoveries said...

The 45th Parallel runs thru our city (Minneapolis) too! We were in the vicinity of the park where the marker is last week, but didn't spot the actual marker...I don't think it is as big as the sign in your picture!

Eddie said...

We live 40 mins from the NY border on the Canadian side. I know exactly which heat and humidity you are referring to this week!

It's still very pretty, though. :)

Therry said...

I'm also 40 minutes from the NY border on Canadian side. It was a pretty yucky week indeed!

But we have a really nice day today, the wetness is almost gone...