Friday, March 9, 2012

Of First Graders and Book Recordings

J6 has a special project going. He's been recording his readings of a few classics in an effort to take over Jim Weisse's story empire. He asked Dan the other night if he could go international with it.

I caught him after lights out recording 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. He's working the headlamp. A few brothers were providing the sound effects.

Next day he was on to Treasure Island. Every time he had a moment to himself you could hear him reading.
He is eagerly looking forward to having Dan help him rename the audio files this weekend with his full name so that when he turns on his player, he can choose his own name from the list of offerings. Look out...he's going places!


Jana said...
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Jana said...

Great Idea! And great reading practice too!! Hadn't ever thought of this, we listen to recordings of books whenever we travel or will be in the car for awhile, but this would be an awesome way to change it up and how fun for the kiddo to record for his brothers and sisters to listen to! May just have to try this ourselves! Thanks for the great idea! Just be sure to let your son know, he won't have competition from us. :) We'll keep it in the family! :)