Saturday, March 10, 2012

Busy Hands

It's that time of year again. Our homeschool co-op has just begun again. Monday will be our third session already. The kids are busy taking fun classes like: Kid Concoctions, Cut & Create, Graphing, Arabic, Tissue Paper Flowers 2, Games, FIRST LEGO League, and Knifty Knitting. R11 is taking the loom knitting class and last week she finished up her first project- a hat. Then her 6 year old brother asked to learn and by the time she helped him, he'd had it mostly figured out.

The life of a homeschooler...she read how to finish her cap with a pom pom and sat down to read about the weather in our Cobblestone Magazine. I had to snap that moment in time!

J6 really grooves with the loom knitting! He carries his water bottle in style now.
He's halfway through a hat and I think Miss R needs her loom back to work on her next project. Wait till you see all the fun things the busy hands here make! It's good to have busy hands in March. Some days you can be outside and other days it's just muddy.


Rozy Lass said...

My daughter loved knitting on her loom too. She made hats and scarfs for all of us before she was done.

Laurie said...

What type of facility do you have to hold these classes? I love the idea of this type of co-op, but can't imagine how we would find somewhere to have it.

Heather said...


We meet at a local church- it's not too big of a place, but not too small either. We collect fees from the families (currently $17 a semester) and most of that goes to the church as a donation.


Mommy Minded said...

Love it! My daughter starts her knitting group next week!