Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Learning Space Update

So, I've mentioned we are preparing our house to sell. We are down to the wire now, planning to list on Monday. As part of that I went through the school areas in our home and reorganized, move on some things, and even brought in some new equipment for the job. How about a tour?

This was the first place I gave a face lift...the closet under the stairs better known here as the Craft Closet. There was never a case you are wondering and the rack in the front moves so I can access trunks behind it which stores toys. Used to be toy vacation, but now it is toy retirement waiting for grand children. Yes, I just said that.

The game shelves which go all around the perimeter of the room and see the map? Those postcards are from last summer's post card exchange!

Another corner- notice the LEGOS on the floor. The drawers have LEGOS sorted by color and the stacks of boxes are the FLL LEGOS. Dan is teaching a co-op class this semester again so these come with me on Monday afternoons. The home kits are on another shelf. Yes...that is a lot of LEGOS.

The Listening Corner- I really worked on spreading out the items on this shelf so that they are easily accessible. I hoed out a lot of toys and consigned some and gave others away and everything from the kids' younger days is safe in crate storage under our stairs. This was a total clutter win! We still have a lot. nxt kits, snap circuits, and other building toys plus our science kits. You'll find dress up on the hooks and lots of books on CD.
The computer table- this was left on the loading dock on campus one day. Sometimes departments haul out stuff that would work in our space. This was a gem. To be sure I washed it special...never know what a college student might think is fun for a table.

Our new cubbies- these have replaced our workboxes ( a TOTAL clutter bomb in our home) and notice each student has one cubby to call his own.

My bookshelves- full of teaching items and other children's books and more subject area reference material for the kids. The amazing part here is that nothing is on the floor in front of them. Behold....

I used some more shoeboxes to hold books- this is a frequently pinned idea from my blog on Pinterest...I wonder if anyone will pick this new picture up?

The cubby top...home to One Year Adventure Novel, the tool caddy, and various other math fun items.

Our school table- I recently recovered the Desk Apprentice from our microwave cart. Actually, I loved it there, but I thought it would solve a few problems here as well. It's easier to keep the working space neat with a that monster in the middle organizing everything! Each student has a side and they have the pencil cup to the right. Their regular binders go here so they can put away papers without getting up!
The reference rack- this has undergone some changes over the years, but there are some old stand by items on there. The rack was a steal at Big Lots one year.
Laptop central- I haven't quite finished dealing with my desk yet, but it's pretty usable. I just want to keep it real for you all.

That about does it! I will talk more about the cubbies in another post. I was pretty purposeful about using them in a particular way and I will talk about that in relation to our workboxes. I love them and the best part is they will transfer to a new house very easily.

In the meantime, I sure hope potential buyers will enjoy our use of space and um...maybe have some vision for that big screen TV and a sofa they probably want in a family room area instead.


Naptime Seamstress said...

wow. you've inspired me. :)

Seriously, I need to use that books in shoe box idea. And I like the shelf going all the way around the room, I wonder if it would work here.


Tracey said...


Jenna said...

Wow I have so much to look forward to. With only young students our collection has just started. Thanks for the great ideas and encouraging posts that shows the true reality of homeschooling.

Rozy Lass said...

Very good use of vertical space! I'm impressed. And how well I remember the days of homeschooling and running a classroom/household. Wish I'd had some of your ideas then!

Anonymous said...

"now it is toy retirement waiting for grand children"

Yes, I CAN'T believe you actually typed that! -big grin

Yes, you are quite the planner and organizer! Everything looks great! Yeah for you!

love, Grandma W

Heather said...

Well Grandma W...that is just the first installment of retired toys. I have no idea what happens after Fisher Price sets and wooden trains.

I just know that they are keepers and not everything is!