Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wiring for the Doll House

R11 has been reading some sewing and craft blogs lately. In fact, unless there is a compelling Wii game to play, this is how she spends her screen time. Recently, she decided she wants to make a lamp for her doll house. Dan helped her with supplies. They purchased two LED bulbs and they went to work. She didn't want a store bought switch- she wanted to make her own. Have you seen her latest doll house exploits? She's been adding a ton of things and recently I helped her to clean her creative space and founds a lot more she's made- like snow shovels and cups and plates. Amazing!

This one is a little table which will have a lamp on top.

Another lamp- notice the underside of the shade is foil- so they LED will reflect the light down.

She made the switches with brads and she's had trouble with the circuit. Enter J6's new Christmas mult-meter. They tested the batteries and sure was bad.

This goes right along with our study of Thomas Edison right now. I'll update when the lamps are in place. Oh yes...did I mention J6 asked for a multi-meter for Christmas? More on this and his constantly moving brain soon.

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