Friday, January 6, 2012

Model Wright Flyer

I9 did a Beyond FIAR unit on Neil Armstrong in the fall and ever since then he has been enjoying all things flight. I suppose I should blog about that unit...I'll see what I can gather. It was a lot of exploring and projects with a lot of reading and not a lot in the way of formal lessons and assignments. He did a lot of journal writing as well. For Christmas we purchased a lot of fun flight oriented items such as a model rocket (Dan has been dying to do this with the kids for years now) and this model of the Wright Brothers flyer. I found it at Rainbow Resource and it turned out to be a really great build. The plus is that it actually flies!

Dan and I9 built it together one afternoon over the Christmas break. Dan is pretty picky when it comes to models, but thankfully the model held up to his engineering standards and they had a nice time!

From his sewing kit, I9 used black thread and they put on the wires that make the wing more stable. Pretty authentic, huh?

It's been flown a few times, but still needs some tweaking. We finally have some snow on the ground (we are 13 inches down so far this season) and I'm not sure when we'll fly it again. However, it's still winter break on campus. What do you say Dan?

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e-Expeditions said...

That's too cool! :) If you guys are still interested in the Wright Brothers, there's a great site about them on Nova--I featured it on my blog not long ago. Check it out if you like. :)