Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Library Fun

This year's NY State Library summer theme is Stories around the World- uh or something like that. The kids signed up for the reading program and have been doing the craft days at the library on Tuesday afternoons. E12 has been a volunteer to help and the other kids have enjoyed doing the crafts. We'll miss the last one due to our camping trip (in fact this post was scheduled), but the summer fun continues. I managed to get their book lists into the children's librarian today- only I forgot the library is closed on Saturdays in the summer. Don't ask...anyway, hopefully she finds them in the book drop! Don't worry, our book drop is a slot in the door that lands in a bin that you can see through the glass door.

They issued a paper with all kinds of Around the World activities.
This provided a great morning of entertainment at our house! I happen to really enjoy the book list.
The crafts have been from around the world and the god's eye project inspired a whole lot more of them! That blue one there is J6's. He's an expert!

We still have more summer reading fun ahead. I've planned a lot of things for our week long camping trip. You know...just in case things get a bit slow. There will be projects available!


Dawn said...

What fun. Our library program has been hit and miss this summer. Some of the programs have been great and others poorly done.

Lesley said...

Hello Heather,
I'm new to homeschooling. I saw your blog and liked it and you seem very upbeat, which is really good. The crafts in your photograph look lovely. :)