Saturday, July 23, 2011

Letchworth State Park

We have returned from the hottest camping trip on record. That's the trouble with making reservations four months in have to take what you get with the weather. When, according to the weather radio, we would be in for a temps at 100 and a heat index of 110, we decided to pack out a day early. We did get some exploring in despite the extreme heat (it was still HOT the rest of the week even before the big day) and hopefully you'll enjoy seeing our adventures at Letchworth State Park over the next few posts.

From the bike trail- we had to keep the kids in line and watch they didn't get too close to the edge!
One perk of this park is the extensive sets of trails including biking trails. We only went on one loop which wasn't too long. The rest we had to drive to and with six bikes, the heat, and not being familiar with the trails we decided to stick with this one. Everyone in our family is on two wheels now and we were fortunate to be given a 20 inch bike for I9 so he and J6 could move up one. Here we have one extra friend with us. She's got the pink bike. The rest are ours! Minus mine...which is probably with me.
The Middle Falls- we never did see the lower set of falls, but these must have been pretty impressive in our wet spring. Right now, we need rain and the river was running low.
The Upper Falls- with the footing of a railroad bridge in the background

We are no strangers to waterfalls and gorges where we are, but this was a huge gorge. The park is situated around the gorge so no matter where you are in the park, you are near the edge of the canyon- even in our campsite! Stay tuned for more exploring news!


Stacie said...

The pictures of the waterfalls are gorgeous. Yuck on the heat but I bet you all still had fun.

Tracey said...

Looks beautiful but you know I would never last in that heat for more than 5 minutes. Kudos to you all!

Claire said...

You are a trooper! Our campig trip was about 95 degrees, and I thought that was pretty miserable. I think further camping trips will be moved to April or October. Beautiful pictures though!