Friday, July 8, 2011

Dominion Storage

Our family is totally hooked on the game Dominion. Have you played? Friends of ours from church, who are also big gamers, gave us a storage box from IKEA that really fit the bill for replacing the large boxes. We were going along ok until one of the kids had a spectacular fall which resulted in crushing one of the boxes. After that, it was time to take action. I called upon a MOPS Field Leader friend of mine living in PA to do some personal shopping for me to get more of these IKEA boxes- they don't ship them. But I was on a quest, so I called in a big favor. Let me take a moment to give a shout out to Mrs. B's husband for going to the mat for me! Not only do I love to organize, but Mrs. B is known for her streamlining which caused her to save herself a trip and ask her husband to drop by IKEA on the way home one night. Thanks Mr. B!

Prosperity...lots of cards to move! Can it be done well? Can I leave the boxes behind?

Seaside also has plenty of cards and a few coins and larger cards

I took the original storage sheet and cut the names of the cards and taped them to index cards. I folded the index cards and slipped the Dominion set in there. Not ideal, but it works. It might just mean a bit of fumbling now and then.
The before shot- we had four of these large game boxes loaded with cards. That blue box is from another project. Stay tuned!

Prosperity and Seaside fit really well into this box leaving room for the last two expansions...

Dominion and Intrigue fit well in here without a bunch of extra room. So, all four games plus room for the last two expansions in TWO boxes. Nicely done.

I finished a few more consolidation projects I'll share with you as well. We certainly trimmed down the amount of storage space we need for the game and now we can just grab a box or two and have a whole lot of game with us! What could be better?


Anonymous said...

Looks like an interesting game. Is there anything objectionable or offensive to Christians in it? I would assume not since you are a Christian, but you never know!

Toodlebugz said...

Just got ours yesterday from Amazon. I really love the UPS man! We still have to learn the game but I definitely know who to ask if we have any questions!!