Saturday, July 9, 2011

Carcassonne Game Storage

I've been really busy just organizing games like crazy. Next up was Carcassonne. We have the original game plus three expansions. We'll have room for more in the box easily.

We already had the game and expansions in one box, but you know how boxes fail. Plus, we couldn't easily separate the expansion tiles from the whole batch.
Each compartment holds two rows of tiles and we can put the bag for grabbing tiles in its own spot. What's nice too is that we keep the starter tile separate from the rest.
Carcassonnne is a fun game of building. You have to match tiles and it reminds me some of Rivers, Roads, and Rails only with a middle ages twist and point gathering components. RRR has too many tiles or I'd throw that in this box too.
The kids thought our Castle Keep game would fit nicely with Carcassonne. Don't worry...there's still room for expansions for Carcassonne!
One of the things I really like about these boxes, in addition to just making less boxes to store, is that we can grab one box and have a lot with us when we are on the go. This has been fun! Do you all remember my game storage consolidation from last summer? These boxes are for games with no boards, but that link will take you to another solution. Enjoy!


Tracey said...

Looks awesome! What a great idea.

dstb said...

I love this idea! I have a couple of questions. Do you keep the original (now empty) game boxes? I could put these in my attic, out of the way, but I am curious as to what you do.

Have you organized Catan yet? I'd be interested to see what you do/did with that game since some of the tiles (Seafarers) are an odd shape.

No Ikea near us. I'll have to see if I know anyone that can make the journey for me!

Heather said...


Nope! I don't keep the boxes! Regular Catan I've organized in a different way NOT in an IKEA box. Here's a post I did on that a few years ago.

We have that in a big box all on it's own. We have every expansion and this works for us. Those little boxes make a big difference and I found those at Target back then.


dstb said...

Thanks, Heather.

I'll have to get Catan out and see just what I will need.

I don't think I can bring myself to throw out the boxes, but luckily we just had a floor laid in our attic, and I have bought shelves, so....


Apollo said...

When I organized Carcassonne, I used the tuckboxes from . It allowed all the tiles to be nicely organized in a minimal amount of space.