Monday, July 11, 2011

The Card Game Box

Continuing with our game storage boxes, I thought I'd share our new "card game box". These IKEA boxes are just right for consolidating games. When you are a big gaming family like we are, with limited storage space, it's important to think about what's going to happen with all those game boxes! So far, this is a great solution for us. But, you have to be able to part with the original boxes which makes some folks nervous. Also, it sorta kills the resale value I suppose. It's a risk worth taking around here.

I asked the kids to bring out our card games and this was the start. I mean if we could put all those Dominion cards in a box. Why not the regular little games?
Here we are so far, the directions can just sit on top of the box.
R11 helped to make dividers out of index cards. And she took a lovely picture, no?
But I knew we had way more card games than that! Look at all the room I attempted to save! Would card Catan fit in the box? Ticket to Ride card game?
Indeed they do! In the end, we have 15 card games plus a deck of regular cards in our IKEA box. I know we have another Scrambled States card game, but if we find it it might still fit. This doesn't work for cards that are over sized obviously, so test it before you chuck the boxes!
Closed box- I even pulled out my label maker. It's a little scary to throw out the game boxes, but I think the space saving is worth it.

Is this fabulous, or what? I'm excited to be able to take one box and have so many games. This will be great for camping for example and we have a week-long trip next week. Now the directions have become an issue. The Catan card games have huge booklets for directions, so I couldn't fit them into the top of the box. So, I have a 3 prong folder which has the directions to all the games we've transferred to the boxes. After all, the Dominion directions were too wide for the box. I think it works to have them all in one place. I remain convinced this is a great move for us.

I have one more box to share and one box to spare- for our gaming needs into the future!


Nancy Ann said...

It really is an EXCELLENT idea. Especially for camping and trips. But WAYYY to scary for me! LOL

Anonymous said...

Could you double stick tape an envelope to the inside top of the box, or bottom outside of the box and slide the directions in there? We ditched card game boxes a while ago and put them all in draw string bags. I like the ikea box idea.. pity I don't have an ikea in my neck of the woods. :/

Heather said...

Anon- I don't have an IKEA either, but I do have friends who live near them and I asked for a favor in this case!

Also, no the directions just don't fit and still allow us to shut the box. So and envelope would not help. Great idea though.


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