Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Spring Collage

It was time to switch out our dining room gallery frames and I came across a fun flower collage at the Making Books Blog. We didn't make the book, but we had a great time. Sitting down to a big, fun project is one of my favorite things to do with the kids.

J5 is doing alright! He chose no pattern...just started cutting freehand and forming flowers. Awesome.

Starting the process- R loves to work with paper just like I do. In my scrapbooking, I'm happiest with paper and pictures.

The collage box- Susan at Making Books Blog suggests keeping a collage box around for kids to be creative. Personally, paper scraps are very exciting to me! You never know what you can create with them. We have scrapbooking paper in there and some paper we watercolored all over and can cut down.

Our artist in residence at work. She's all done and adding the swirls.

R10's finished product...truly she is an artist of the truest fashion...She cut and pieced all those flowers by hand! I love them all.

Here we are...dining room central with all four finished products. I found some great sulphite paper to make mattes with and the children's artwork always makes me smile.

My attempt...I enjoy the paper cutting and piecing but a little carried away with the swirls.

We always enjoy a great project. And being an avid paper crafter, I do love collage. I mean really love collage. I think it will be fun to visit this again and maybe not give them a subject for the task. Have you noticed in all my pictures of our school table that we work in a big, fat mess? I'm starting to notice that! All I can say is our space is busy and we are about the things of schooling. And sometimes that is messy! But we had fun and we are delighted to bring spring to our dining room!


Toodlebugz said...

These are adorable & what a great idea.I was just looking at cheap springtime art at a store the other day & now I am so glad we did not buy any. This is definitely on my to do list. I noticed you used glue sticks, I have always had problems with them not sticking after a long time period. Like when you decide to put the art away and it falls apart. Just wondered if you did. We have switched to glue dots.Love them! ;o)

Heather said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE glue dots, but I don't use them for every day.

I switch it up and have become a renewed fan of rubber cement as well.

If the kids have really good coverage, usually the paper on paper will stay. Anything heavier and we do something different.

Michelle said...

beeeyooouuuuteeeful! =)

Shauna @ Treasure Seekers said...

As always, I love your art gallery and seeing how everyone interpreted the theme. This is such a fun idea!

Tracey said...


sara said...

Love the swirls! Great project - definitely need to work this on in!