Sunday, April 3, 2011

Science Center Exhibit

We have a really nice local science center nearby which makes a lot of traveling exhibits that roam the country. Sometimes they partner with the local university. This one is an exhibit on nanotechnology (a hot term in the world of science) and Dan was asked to be a part of it. Dan is a chemical engineer who works in the field of nanotechnology. He works with a variety of tools one of which is a photolithgraphy tool. It prints with light on very small structures. Now if you ask him about any of this, the explanation would be very long. So, just go with it! This particular exhibit is part of a traveling exhibit on nanotechnology. It's shows you how photolithography works. So you know how you go to science museums and there is a video with some of the things and there is a "scientist" there to tell you about what is happening? Well, Dan got to be that guy! Very fun to see "Daddy" when we visit and it's in town. This day we didn't know it was here and as we were wandering we heard Dan's voice.

You get to set up a "mask" and shine light through them at the exhibit.

Look a scientist!

A picture of a small device on a wafer..

He's showing off a mask with some designs on small we can't see them without a microscope.

A simulation of the same idea...printing with light (photolithography).

A better explanation of photolithography.

Our Scientist- for those interested, he works in a cleanroom environment so that is what the white suit is all about. I keep telling him the lab has to get those flashy suits the guys at Intel wear in their commercials.

So, keep your eyes on the look out! I know it's been to Epcot and I'm sure it has other destinations throughout the year.


sara said...

We'll be watching! What a neat project for your husband to be involved in!

Also - please know that I'm going to be checking back to look at your little scientist's displays as we get a little closer to my daughter's science fair. She is going to be doing an exhibit rather than an experiment, but I've noticed how clear and colorful your children's science trifolds are!

Heather said...

Thanks Sara!

Carpenters said...

You have a star in your house. We were at the ScienCenter and I say Daniel (last name). I thought I think this is Heather's Dan. Very cool. I learned more about photolithgraphy too.

Jen said...

If that comes to our museum, I am going to totally freak out and scream, "I know him!!!!" It will be awesome! : D

Heather said...

hahahaha Jen! That will be awesome. Let me know if it ever happens.