Saturday, April 30, 2011

Peter Rabbit Notebooking

Peter Rabbit has been an enjoyable unit for J5 and I! He is reading the book all on his own and will enjoy the other stories as well. His reading has really clicked. He reads anything that comes into his path! You have to catch him at the right time, but he loves to do some notebooking too. He likes to create a lot, but sometimes he's just not feelin' it. Can you relate? We all have those moments!

We've been using the 10 x 12 spiral Bare Books this year for our kindergarten notebooking. I LOVE this notebook. The only thing is there are 24 pages in there and it fills up quickly. At $3.35 a book that isn't too bad I guess, but then there is a $25 minimum order over there. If you've never been there, we've gotten game boards and pieces from them too. Totally worth it! I'm going to be working on Kendra's nature game very soon with my spare boards. Have you ever seen E12's The Truth about New York Game? It went to state fair last year and he used a Bare Board for that as well.

Anyway, I really like the size and weight of the pages so I may continue to use them or I will simply switch to regular sized sheets that I have bound or bind myself. Or use a 3 ring notebook with sheet protectors- like Michelle uses at Delightful Learning. Whew that link took me a while! Michelle is elusive with the notebook itself in those FIAR posts she does! My idea of what makes a great notebook changes a lot. With older kid unit studies we use the 3 prong folder.

J5 is a big fan of the corner rounder. He's an expert too- pointing out how quick he was about it. When a boy doesn't want to do notebooking, I pull out a new tool. Works every time!

Cutting and arranging a page for comparing rabbits and hares. We used the FIAR Fold n Learn for this story. I don't have all the Fold n Learns, but this one we've had for a few years and it's one of my favorites.

He colored a map of England and we talked about how Peter Rabbit is a naughty and which rule he broke. Then J5 dictated to me a few of our rules. Do you like the construction paper we used for matting? It's a marbled construction paper I used to get from Discount School Supply. Now I don't see it. Bummer!

We added his Peter Rabbit watercolor to the notebook along some free painting J5 did that day.

A finished set of pages! We talked about how Beatrix Potter wrote the rhyme- "This little pig went to market" J5 remembered all the words. He used to love that one.

A close up the rabbit vs hare page. He dictated to me the information for the chart after I read to him a comparison of rabbits and hares. Then he wrote his words with no help from me other than showing him where to find the spelling. Notice if he has the space he takes it all up! And there's my beloved Creative Memories corner rounder. It has a pocket that catches the corners. I love that!

This week we'll be working on finishing up our study of Peter. We've been looking at Beatrix Potter's artwork and enjoying the The Ultimate Peter Rabbit's Visual Dictionary. I have plans to do some garden planning and math work with seeds and growing season before we are done. I'll be sure to post another update when those are complete.


sara said...

I did NOT know that Beatrix Potter wrote "This little pig...!" The notebook looks wonderful - thanks for all the links to resources. Very helpful (as usual!)

Michelle said...

ha ha ha! Glad you found one. :p I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't shared the pages IN the journal for a while. I thought about doing that with Madeline ~ our current row. :D

I have been pulling together ideas for Peter Rabbit and hope to row it soon! Love your Peter Rabbit book! I like the bare books, but have come to love the flexibility with the drop in pages and extra storage spaces. I will share a pic of our B4 journal almost completed. =)

julie said...

That notebook is perfect! I've been planning to start that kind of activity with the girls this summer, only I have girls, so we get to call it scrapbooking!

Gail in NY said...

Great job J5 and Heather! I love to see the work you turn out wth your dc.

J5 reading?! I remember when he began with RME, and my 8yo is not reading yet!!

Michelle said...

Just for you:


Rachel said...

Heather - where did you get your Peter Rabbit page for watercoloring?

Cathy said...

Great post! When you put together a notebook with a 5 year old, how much cutting does he do? Is he cutting out all of those bunny pictures I see there? Or do you help him?