Saturday, April 23, 2011

Found! One Perfect Library Bookshelf!

At long last I found it! I was on the way to my favorite little consignment shop, but I lost out on a parking space at the front of the building. This turned out to be providential because parking in the back lot requires going through the furniture/housewares sister store. Every time I go through there, I look for that perfect little bookcase. It has to be the right size and the right price. But until this day, it was not to be. Bookcases fly out of there and that means the price doesn't need to be particularly low. I even sent my husband to try and buy the fixtures from our closing (sniff) Borders store which proved not to be productive. I was so disappointed.

But yesterday was the day! I was packed for the grocery store with four kids in tow. I had stopped to see about an Easter dress and to see about a shirt for E12 for next week's Civil War Ball. I saw two other shelves that weren't it and then I saw it from across the room. As I approached it, I told the kids...this is going home with us today. A nearby shopper laughed that I was a woman who knew what I wanted. No doubt! I bought that bookcase and hauled it to my van. THEN went grocery shopping and bought two carts full of groceries. Seriously folks, I like to live the adventure. So, after moving children around and putting down a seat in our slick Honda Odyssey, I moved the shelf on top of the folded seat and still had room for two carts of groceries!

Isn't it a sight to behold? It's a Sauter's little thing but it's in great shape and it has the sweetest bevel on the top where it bows out. Great style. Great color. Great price. The most difficult thing will be what to do with that basket of books you see on the floor just to the right of the new bookshelf. I need to farm them out, but that's no easy task!

It's so handsome, I had to include another view.

On the top, I have a little runner and at long last I have a small space to display (and rotate) books that go with our study and some objects of interest for each unit. I can't put all of anything out at once, but it makes a delightful place to rotate things out to the top. Already I caught R10 cruising through the travel book on Great Britain that is open. As she was looking and reading she asked why it was open...I simply said to invited you to look at it and well it worked! And she laughed.

Now if you recall from my previous post on Organizing Your Homeschool Library, this is the shelf I've been waiting for to hold books from the library! My homeschool library dreams have indeed come true!This is our library books only shelf. I had just taken a bunch back or this thing would be nearly full. I also keep our current read alouds on here and the large dictionary for easy access. Trust me...I had this thing disinfected and ready to roll almost before the groceries were away.


Danielle Leigh said...

Very neat to find such a good shelf! I found a perfect book shelf at the beginning of this month that I am in love with!

Tracey said...

I am glad you found what you were looking for. It looks great!

Martha said...

That's a great find!

I think a bookcase that size would just about hold all the library books we have checked out at one time.