Saturday, March 5, 2011

Survey of the American Girls II

Some of you may remember that I taught a Survey of the American Girls last semester at our homeschool co-op (along with my JrFLL class) and we only got part way through. So, this semester I decided to offer the second half and we have lots of the same girls along for the adventure.

Our first stop in the survey this semester was Kit from 1934. We did a map of Ohio (Kit is from Cincinnati), made a reporter notebook, talked about the Depression and the girls were given charge to interview a family member or friend who experienced it, and we began and decorated the notebook.
So far, the plan is to finish our the series of the historical dolls including the newer dolls which might be a bit more difficult without the same resources. Next stop is Molly from 1942. This will be a fun one and I will draw on some of the experiences of R10's Molly Birthday Party from almost two years ago.

Good news for all the girls who would love an American Girl Club of their own! CurrClick is hosting a free American Girl Club through their live class web room. We just signed up. Click the link to join. We hope to see you there!

This just's been canceled! Unless one of you all wants to volunteer!

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musicalmary said...

Heather, I will look into my nine year old joining. She LOVES her AG dolls and took a whole AG class through our co-op last semester. It was wonderful!

I highlighted you at my blog today - thanking you for your ideas and resources.