Thursday, March 3, 2011

Algebra- The Real Deal

We've hit a milestone! E12 has started his Algebra I course which is pretty exciting. He's been so anxious to get started, but I wanted to make sure we tidied up any pre-algebra loose ends before we began. Of late, we've found some pretty fun web activities on graphing lines and parabolas and he's been busy with that. Of course, this is the last set of lessons in Math on the Level and Dan finally said to just go ahead and begin. So, we did!

One day last semester I think, this full set of Algebra I Saxon showed up on the free table. The FREE table! I didn't have to think twice...I brought it home.

Adding fractions- the good stuff

Wow- 30 problems...just look at all that good math. He found a few errors, but overall nicely done!

How fortuitous! Look what we discovered in the back of the algebra textbook! Not just one but THREE four leaf clovers. Wow! I think this is a good algebra omen.

E12 thrives on read it and do it type math so this is pretty cool for him. We still plan to purchase Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra to sort of mix things up a bit and give us some food for thought. Fred makes you think. For now he is getting started and Algebra I changes things up a bit in terms of reporting and recording for me. This one requires a transcript because it counts as a high school credit. Did you hear that? High.School.

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Can't complain about that!!