Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun with Math & Books

My kids really enjoy reading math books that have challenges in them. When I find them, I just set them out and at some point they will be discovered. This one is called, Go Figure! (A totally cool book about numbers) by DK Publishing.

I always leave a book I want my kids to find in conspicuous places like our living room coffee table- somehow they always gets noticed and poured through afterward!

With topics such as:
  • Where do NUMBERS come from? A look at numbers in different cultures
  • MAGIC Numbers- cool number tricks and special numbers like Pi, nature's numbers, and Pascal's Triangle
  • SHAPING Up- a fun look at shapes in the world
  • The World of MATH- probability, fractals, chaos theory, and the art of math
My kids had a great time looking through and learning about some fun concepts in math. I feel a math journal page or two coming on! I think one is due on Prime Numbers and how they are special and what they are used for. Do you know? Prime numbers are used in encrypting because the really large ones are so unbreakable in codes.

Some other fun math books we've enjoyed include, Cool Math, The Math Book for Girls (and other beings who can count), and Real World Math for Hands On Fun. We have others, but we haven't gotten a chance to use them yet.

This is a fun way to add to your math journal! I checked on my math journal link above to see what is up with the missing pages and have fixed it. If you've visited my math journal link before and thought it wasn't much, please visit again! You will find more examples of our math journaling now. We will definitely be scheduling in a math notebooking day this week. My 8yr old will doing a page on equivalent fractions. Stay tuned!


musicalmary said...

Thanks for all of the book recommendations. I can really use them. I don't consider myself very mathematically inclined, but I am homeschooling my six year old son who I think is a math whiz! He amazes me in how he sees the world. My daughter doesn't enjoy math nearly as much and I want that to change for her. I check your blog often for ideas, so thank you!

Melody said...

Thanks for sharing this resource! Very cool. I'm always looking for ways to make math more enticing to my kids.

Becca said...

After reading this post, I got Math for Girls from our library. I followed your lead and just left it on the coffee table. My 6YO read it yesterday and picked it back up first thing this morning! I am amazed. Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Way to go Becca!!

Heather said...

Mary and Melody, I hope you find a book your kids will enjoy. I just picked up World of Pi by the same author as Go Figure! Looks like another great read.

Think I'll leave it on the coffee table tomorrow...