Monday, January 31, 2011

Sarah, Plain and Tall: Notebooking

R10 has been studying Sarah, Plain and Tall in Beyond FIAR. When her brother did this unit, he had a great time reading and reporting on all the creatures for his prairie and sea notebooks. E12 loves to do this sort of work. R10 not so much! So, to get her excited about researching all these critters, I gave her free creative reign on her notebooking. It's working! This is from the first chapter, so this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

We've done so much with state geography that I didn't really want repeats of the usual fair.

So, using an idea from one of the books she did a map with a window inside which she listed some facts about Maine.

I like what she came up with to tell about the three different kinds of rock

Inside the fun is all that? Her pictures match what kind of rock it is too. Enlarge the picture and see a close up for yourself!

For the fish types, she made folded pages in the shape of the fish and then on the inside she shared facts about the particular species.

Ta- DA! Facts on flounder

Two of my favorite lapbooking/notebooking resources

Two more and I also have the Big Book of Social Studies.

She is steadily working on more pages as we continue on through the chapters. It's funny how the same book can be enjoyed for different reasons by two students. She loves the story itself, while E12 really liked all the animal and plant science he got to do. He would never bother with such nuisances as shapes and flaps!


Anonymous said...

Love the notebook pages! I have the BBOMath. Do you think the BBOsocial studies and BBOscience are different enough to be worthy of a full price purchase? There are no places around here to buy used books like that.
Thanks, Ging

Heather said...

Hi Ging!

I like them a lot. I would say if you use the math one and you would use them then they are definitely worth it. There are a lot of examples of how to use the folds with the content areas.

I would LOVE to see the math book. I bet my daughter would LOVE it!


Tracey said...

These look great! We really enjoyed Sarah, Plain and Tall.

Kisha said...

Heather, those notebooking pages look great! I have such a hard time trying to assign age-appropriate assignments for my 9yo using FIAR. It's either too easy or too hard. You seem like you have a handle on that.

Anonymous said...


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Jimmie said...

The window is great. Adds a nice visual and hands-on element to the map. I've just added this post to my Feb. Notebooking Roundup (to be published 2-4-2011) at The Notebooking Fairy.

Heather said...

Thanks Jimmie!

Eddie said...

This post is perfect timing - we're just about to start Sarah, Plain and Tall. I LOVE the flounder booklet thing - what a fun idea!