Friday, January 21, 2011

R10's Art Center aka: Her Secret Lair

I finally posted some pictures of R10's reorganized art center over at Miss Bliss! She has decided hers is a secret lair too. She does share. A little. The other day she suggested I8 sit there to have a quiet spot to finish his math. What are big sisters for?

So, feel free to check it out. Her little artsy free spirit soars there which is fun to see and a pleasure to nurture. And for those of you worried about our boys...they are nurtured too, but they would not find an art center nearly as amazing as she does!


Kori said...

I would love to see some of those titles she has! My daughter got Sewing School for Christmas. What are the others? :-)

pinkim said...

Very nice...I see some pink in there!
Aunt Kim

pinkim said...

don't forget to check the comments over on Miss Bliss!

Heather said...

Worry not Kim! Somehow comments over there are emailed to me...must be the default now!

I'll have Miss Bliss check in as well. : )

Heather said...

Kori- sure I'll let you know what's in her sewing library!

Think I'll post on it.