Thursday, November 4, 2010

NaNoWriMo for Kids Update:


So, we are off! The kids are all of to a great start. See what you think:

My Adventures with the  

Girl Who Saved the

World, (by R10) a Summary:

This is a story about a girl whose name was Alyssa and how she traveled with the girl who saved the world from a natural disaster all the while averting people who wanted to stop them.

Ben's Secret, (by E12) a Summary:

A family moves out to California to mine for gold during The Gold Rush. They join up with a mining village on the bank of a river near a mine. The village works together to mine for gold so they can all get rich. When bad buys come to steal the gold and kill the villagers only little Ben can save the day! Will Ben get help from another village? Or will the barbarians catch him first? Find out in this fast paced, exciting adventure novel!

The Desert Sands, (by I8) a Summary:

In the sands of the desert, two brave heroes find a cave and when they enter, all around them are criminals with pistols and they want a map. A map to the exploder- a device that will kill them all.

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Kisha said...

The summaries sound great! It should be a fun month for them.