Sunday, November 7, 2010

Contest Winners!

Well the results are in! I know some of you might be expecting a fancy widget to show you who won officially, but I had 22 participants and I decided to go old school on this. Below we have the official business. First step, copy all the names of the contestants. Have a child count to be sure all are included.

After cutting them out and putting them into official drawing folds, I asked J5 for a bucket. He found one...the one from his playdough letter molds. We filled it and he did the honors of drawing the names. He even checked- no looking, right Mommy? That's right J5 just pull 'em and we'll read 'em.


The winners of the four CurrClick giveaways are:

Lori- Pockets of Time

Cookiert- Little House in the Big Woods

Emily- Pictures and Writing

Nichole in MD- Math Mammoth

I sent your email to Amy at CurrClick and you should be receiving information from them soon to retrieve your free download!

Except for Nichole...I need your email!You can send it to me using the blog address in the mail me icon in my right hand sidebar. Hurry!

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who participated- thanks for playing and especially thanks for reading. We'll do it again some time.

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