Friday, October 29, 2010

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

It's hard to believe I'm teaching my very last kindergartner this year! We have plenty of Five in a Row to enjoy together and this one is one of my favorites. J5 and I endeavored to make the apple pie from the recipe at the back of the book. I'll admit I added a few things- from previous experience this is not the best recipe ever.

First, he had to help peel, core, and slice the apples. This is always a treat for the not so much.

Pouring sugar...

We used the salt we evaporated from salt water and the cinnamon bark Dan brought home from his trip to Saudi Arabia last winter.

R10 gets the salt from the bowl- remember our salt experiment?

We grated the cinnamon with this tool and we added fresh nutmeg as well- the freshest possible ingredients!

Pressing the dough- not a homemade crust. I plan to conquer that this year. Really.

We loaded the pie shell full of apples. Yum!

Crimping the edges of the pie

Ready for the oven! He even made the venting slits.

We had lots of left over apples and we made a second pie...I still have more apples to process. I have enough left to make more sliced ones for use through out the year and to make apple sauce with our mill and some apple butter.
The finished pie...the only thing that would make it more amazing is a homemade crust. Oh, do you see the pan underneath the pie? This is made to catch pie drippings. Here's a shout out to Charlene, our former neighbor and friend who introduced us to this little tool. It doesn't have a solid bottom. There's a big hole in the center!

J5 also put together a really nice notebook to go with his unit. I'll post those next I think. Now we are doing a unit on pumpkins. J5 is so on fire to learn how to read and do his school. It's a really special time for us. I hope you enjoyed our apple pie making! Now that my kids are older, I am really starting to enjoy cooking and baking with them. Have you tried doing home ec in your homeschool?


Kisha said...

That pie looks really good! You all did a good job.

Tracey said...

That pie really does look delicious! Where is mine?

Ahhhh, another fun day at Heather's Homeschool.

dstb said...

I meant to comment on this yesterday. That pie looks awesome!

I think I may add a cooking assignment for this week!