Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Corners- Math Practice

Have you ever played Corners? This is a card game made by the RightStart Math folks. I don't use their curriculum, but the math card games have been a lot of fun. I am thankful to a FIAR friend for sending her cards my way. I was able to purchase the book that shows you how to play lots of games and it even comes with a DVD. I even attempted to make my own set of these cards including worked but my cards were enormous!

The idea is to lay down cards so that the colors match and the sums are multiples of 5. You can play to the Corners as well which means matching more than one side. I was able to play to three sides at least three times which meant I crushed E12! E12 is a game winner so this was a lot of fun for me!

The direction book is pretty easy to understand and comes with a DVD. If you have an older version with no DVD, the directions can be found on YouTube. We use this game to practice addition facts and it's great for keeping score as well. Corners is a game that adults can enjoy to so I encourage you to get these sets.

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Melodie said...

Fantastic game idea. I have never heard of this before. I think this would be really helpful for my 1st grader at home. I am always looking for more ideas for us as this is my first year homeschooling and I still feel kind of lost most days.