Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Girl Cooking: Raspberry Flummery

So, I’m still playing around with Windows Live Writer…I guess if you click on that link to view the slide show, you’ll be able to. Or not…

This is the flummery we made for the American Girl Co-op Class two weeks ago. We got the recipe from Felicity’s Cookbook. Though the Pleasant Company no longer prints these books, they are available at libraries and I pick them up at book sales and swaps.

R10 really enjoys the opportunity to cook in the kitchen with me so I’m taking advantage of her enthusiasm for sure!

Some of you have asked me how we put together the co-op class. We are part of our homeschool support group’s co-op which meets for two hours on Monday afternoons (10 sessions in the fall and spring). I volunteered to teach this class (along with two others) so that is how it came together.

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