Sunday, October 3, 2010

American Girl Co-op Class

I have been considering a co-op class that would survey the American Girl dolls for some time now and this turned out to be the semester! I have 7 girls ages 8 to 12 in the class and we have been having the best time!
We are doing a map of the US at the time of each girl, a map of the state the girl is from and marking her town, and trying out some crafts and foods from that time in history. So far, we’ve spent the first three weeks on Felicity. She is my favorite, but I’m hoping to take it slow and offer another class next semester to finish up the series.

Elizabeth and Felicity got along famously with the other girls
We had lots of visitors with us that day…this is Anna and she had been to the American Girl hospital.
Samantha comes from our friend Betsy and she is modeling her new “Felicity” nightgown and lappet cap.
Betsy agreed to “participate” with us by trying out some of the girls’ clothing. Here is a side view of the lappet cap (R10 is working on one for Felicity in a nice lime green) which is made from an antique dresser linen possibly dating back to the turn of the last century.
R10 and I made a raspberry flummery from the Felicity cookbook. Directions on that are on the way!
We have a 10 week co-op semester so we have 7 more weeks. Monday will be our first day with Josefina. I’m planning to make “clay” pots with earth colored Model Magic. Plus, the girls will do their maps.
This is a super way to work with other girls while we do our Portraits of American Girlhood studies at home.


Jenni said...

What a neat idea! How do you do an American Girl co-op? Is there a guidebook to follow? I'd love to find out more.
Jenni @

Kim Monaco said...

Thanks for sharing this - what a great idea! I'll be eager to hear more as the semester progresses. My girls would love to be part of an American Girl club, maybe next year -- I'll be ready to organize one.

Debi said...

Hi Heather,
This looks like a great idea. My little girl is turning 3 this month and I am looking at getting her the Felicty doll before she's gone, I missed Samantha but hope they re-release her before my Rachel is out of dolls.
Anyway I wanted to know what the stop motion software is your boys are using. I've got one who is eating up memory space on the camera making great shorts with Legos. I can't find that post.
I also wanted to ask your opinion on what would you get of the Felicity items before they put it all away? There are so many things I'm leaning towards the tea set, would like to get her something else but don't know what. Thoughts? Thanks. wow this got long. Debi