Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ticket to Ride - Europe

If you've been a Blog, She Wrote reader for any length of time then you know that we love to play games! Ticket to Ride Europe is a new comer to our collection. I8 received as a birthday present from his grandparents.

This is the European version of Ticket to Ride which we really enjoy.

The object is to complete routes by collecting train cars and laying down your trains. I'm red in this game and I am making the moves for my long route.

These are the tickets which hold the routes and tell you the number of points you'll receive if you complete them. Unlike Ticket to Ride, Europe offers extra points for long routes and at the beginning of the game you are offered one.

These are the train cards you have to collect in order to lay down routes. The engines are wild cards, but you can only pick up one of those at a time.

I swept up on this game! You can keep points as you go, but we just add them all up at the end of the game. This is a great math scoring endeavor.

If you don't have these games in your collection, I highly recommend them. And the expansions. Of course.


Krystal said...

This looks like so much fun! we're always looking for new games to add to our collection, too...I'll have to check this one out and maybe add it to a Christmas list.

Have you seen Rail Baron? This is a game where you buy up US railroads (as they were when rail was king), similar to Monopoly. I don't think they make it anymore, but you might be able to find it used somewhere. It has fairly complicated instructions (like most Avalon Hill games) but once you get the hang of it, it's really, really fun, and teaches geography, math, and that tidbit of history.

Heather said...

Thanks Krystal...I'll check it out!


Lori said...

Thanks for the review- we love games too and this looks like fun one! This probably seems like a "no-duh", but do you learn a lot about the geography of Europe as part of the game? Some games we have that are similar to this have less learning in them than I would expect.

Heather said...

Lori you'll learn about cities in Europe, but not necessarily what country they are in!

still, recognizing busy cities in Europe isn't without some learning.

It's just a great game all around.