Friday, September 3, 2010

Introducing Twist & Spike

We have some new friends at our house to join the frogs (which deserve a new post since they have long left behind their tadpole days). We are off to a slow start to our new school year with our traditional not-back-to-school unit on Night of the Moonjellies. This is the first book we ever rowed and it continues to be a family favorite. Every year we row the book in August and I introduce a new topic in the world of oceanography. This year we are using the Download n Go Sunny Seashells which I will report on some later. We are doing critters that live in seashells. There's enough there for 7th graders down to Kindergartners for sure.

I thought it would be fun to have some hermit crabs in our homeschool repetoire. So, here we go...

We learned a few things at the pet shop before we brought them home. This is proving to be a fun little study. Next we'll dive in some more and I'll show you our fun plans and progress.

The sea sponge keeps the crabs from drowning in the water.

Our Hermit Crab habitat...all set to go. I keep an eye on the water in the sponge bowl. Apparently, I just rinse the gravel every few weeks and keep them moist otherwise.

This is Twist. You'd have to see his shell from the other side to really get it.

This is Spike.

Dan had hermit crabs growing up, but I never did. I have to say that the scritch-scratching they do is a bit on the creepy side, but I'm getting used to it. Dan had the crabs out the other day to meet them and let us know that if you aren't careful and you drop them, they die soon after. Now gee do you know THAT?

With new critters at the homestead, I've had to do a lot of rearranging in our dining room. The gallery frames and the bulletin board had to be moved/taken down, so I have a new thing going. I'm excited to share it just as soon as my new, bigger and better bulletin board goes up. I acquired it for free (thanks Cindy!) and I painted the frame a barn red and now it is sitting and waiting for Dan. I'm waiting...impatiently. He promised me this weekend. I can hardly wait to show you all what I did with my microwave cart (remember those?) and my desk apprentice. It's all part of the streamlining project I've been working on this month. Stay tuned...


Michele said...

We currently have two hermit crabs and have had up to 7 at one time. We love them. We use sand in our tank.
We are getting ready to so Sunny Seashells next week! Love your new friends!

Kendra said...

Did you know hermit crabs have gills? So, even if you forget the sponge they shouldn't drown! ;)

Heather said...

Well actually the pet store guy told us they just need to keep their gills moist and if they can't get out of their water dish, they'll drown.

Of course I know they have gills! LOL

Tracey said...

We just joined you in this adventure of owning hermit crabs today. We are also using it as part of our Beyond study. So far, so good! Love what you named them.