Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Night of the Moonjellies 2010

We have an annual tradition here at our house. We start our school year each August with our very first "row" Night of the Moonjellies. We talk about the book lessons and learn something new in the world of oceanography. This year we focused on mollusks using the DNG Sunny Seashells.

sea animals made from Play Foam

We did some map work with CT.

This was the first week of school a few weeks table still too messy so we saddled up to the dining room table- reorg was going on at that time.

J5 begins his Kindergarten year- letter Mm for Moonjellies!

There is more to report on this, but this is a good start. I hope to share the Sunny Seashells in our final notebook. As usual, stay tuned!

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