Monday, June 14, 2010

R's Birthday Fun 2010

You've been hearing about these birthdays and the kids are anxious to share so I'll give you a photo tour of the events. First up is R10's Tie Dye Party 2010 (there was a 2005 version as well).

Besides the shirts, R10 made the girls some paper dolls complete with tie dye shirts she made from using watercolor paper and paints and cutting out the shirts.

Ice cream cakes made by me...this year's flavors are black raspberry and vanilla and mint chocolate chip and vanilla...yucko!

The girls folded first then dyed them.

J5 folds his shirt

We watched the video on how to get the good designs and all the kids folded their own shirts.

I8 works on his shirt. He wanted vertical stripes and we figured out in the end that you have to band it opposite what you really want...lesson learned. His stripes are horizontal, but very cool.
J5's tie dye creation

A very special friend gave this to R10 knowing she'd have so much fun designing with it. I'll be sure to keep you posted with any fun design sessions. R10 can hardly wait to get some doll clothes going. With this dress form came some patterns for making clothes for Addy.

Addy received a new dress...thanks Lisa. It's beautiful!

Pouring through a Klutz watercolor book- never used that I picked up from the Friends of the Library Sale.

R10 reports this is too daring...she will NOT be running away to the circus....maybe I should have pre-read this one.

Another item for Addy- a nightgown...her friend J figured that since Addy is her newest doll she needed some more clothes.

Another favorite gift were the Shrinky Dinks...stay tuned for some new creations! This party was much smaller than her Molly party last year and it was perfect. She had the best time and so did her guests.


Tracey said...

Looks like big fun! The cakes look delicious too!

Shonda said...

So fun! I think a tie dye party for my teen and her friends would be super fun! Hey, we have that watercolor book! I LOVE it and the paints are beautifully vibrant!