Monday, May 31, 2010

TOS Crew Review: Super Star Speech

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I volunteered to review materials for Super Star Speech. As a mom of a severely apraxic child, we had a lot of speech therapy at our house and I thought it would be great to review some materials designed for use at home with families.

We had a wonderful speech therapist who visited our home 2 times a week for just under 2 years. She was a homeschooler herself and encouraged us to work with I7 on our own and actually that was part of the deal in getting this particular therapist. She was only available twice a week and I7 had to have three days of therapy. We agreed to work with him the third session each week and it worked well for us.

I highly recommend, that if you have a question about your child's speech, that you go for the evaluation through early intervention programs in your area. We had I7 evaluated at 2 yrs old because he had no speech. Turns out he had the expressive language of a 9 month old and even then not all of the sounds a 9 month old would have. His receptive language was well over 3yrs old so sign language worked very well for him. He understood so much and when we gave him a tool to use to communicate with us it was fabulous! Then we worked on getting him to make sounds.

Whether or not you choose to pursue professional speech therapy, early intervention gives you a good starting place. Super Star Speech is another tool you can use to work with your children on improving their speech.

The following products are available:
  • Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple (ring bound $22.95, spiral bound $18.95, or less for ebook)
  • Super Star R & L (spiral bound $18.95 or less for ebook)
  • Super Star S, Z, & Sh (spiral bound $18.85 or less for ebook)
  • Super Star Ch, J, Th ($12.95 for ebook at CurrClick)
  • Super Star Speech Complete Set (ring bound $49.95, spiral bound $38.95)
Each book includes information on general speech therapy and:
  • how to make the sound in question and tips for teaching the sound to your child (placement of his tongue in order to make the sound, etc.)
  • word lists for the sound
  • therapy games and activities- this one is a HUGE benefit. We used to do A LOT of therapy through games and activities.
  • and extra practice.
For $5.95 you can purchase the game and picture pack to use with the books you purchase.

This program is wonderful! If you've ever been asked to work with your child on articulation or if you are like me, then your child has been dismissed from formal therapy but still has some articulation issues. These are great tools in helping your child meet his speech goals.

My husband and I played with I7 countless numbers of hours on his speech usually through play, but also through some drill and oral motor exercises. We had an excellent therapist who gave us ideas and helped us along. However, just having extra tools in your back pocket as a parent is empowering!

In addition, if for some reason speech therapy is not available to you then Super Star Speech makes it doable for any family. Or perhaps your 5 year old has a nagging lisp. This product will help you work on proper placement of his tongue so that he can pronounce the S sound correctly.

Great product! I'm looking forward to using it with I7 on some of his lingering R articulation issues. He has come a long way since being diagnosed with severe apraxia! He is fully articulate now having dropped his sign language about 9 months into his intense therapy.

You cannot go wrong with Super Star Speech even if you are just aiming to educate yourself on the therapy process as your child experiences it.

Bravo Deborah! Thanks!


Kisha said...

Thanks for your review on this product, Heather. I am planning to work on some speech issues with my sons this summer, so Super Star will be a good resource to start with.

Heather said...

Yes! It will Kisha. It's a nice program and will give you much to work with. Don't forget to check out the cards that go with them. They will be useful.