Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recent Field Trips

This was a few weeks ago actually- one day when R9 had play practice (play post coming soon I hope). I took the boys to our local science center which is always a good experience. If you have a nearby science museum, I highly recommend the membership option if there is one. Then you can use it to go lots of other places for free.

Of course we visited the animal room which has lots of fun critters and specifically a huge amphibian tank.

The corn snake was unusually active this particular afternoon. I have one shot of I7 face to face with the snake.

The boys enjoyed an earthquake video.

The fault line relief. Fun.

Here you can build a building and try to shore it up with rods and then push the button for a quake to happen to see how you did with constructing your building.

We went there again yesterday so I have more pictures for you. Yesterday was a really good visit. Another reason I like to have the membership is that on a day when you have extra time in town you can stop in for an hour and not feel like you've wasted the fee. The top tier membership gets us free into children's museums as well. I know I've mentioned this before, but it's worth mentioning again.

What field trips have you taken lately?

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