Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baseball 2010

We have been entirely too busy with baseball over the last four weeks and with only two weeks to go I thought I'd share a few fun shots.

All three boys are playing this year and because of the different leagues they are in and the nights they play, we are at the ball field four nights a week. We were supposed to do some travel games, but most of the Saturday games have been canceled- by the grace of God.

Unfortunately, the season is nearly over and we've missed a lot of games due to snow and rain and general miserableness. It's true. Then most of the other games have been played in 40 degree windy weather which I'm hear to tell you is fine for football, but NOT for baseball!

J4 is playing teeball for the first time. I don't know that he'll be back for more. he's hot and cold with it. They've started batting while being pitched at and he's a hitter. Most of the time.

I7 is playing on the minor leagues after two years at coach pitch. He started teeball at 4yo like J4 has. He's playing catcher here which, as he realized, is not the place for a kid who doesn't like to be aggressive about...catching. Ahem. Also, he had to use his regular mitt since they didn't have a leftie catcher's mitt.

E11 is playing his second season on majors. He's such a good fielder often playing second base and short stop. Here he is this past week in right field.

Reportedly, I7's favorite time of baseball is sitting on the bench. Let that sink in...

E11's batting is really improving. In this game he hit one double and two singles and was completely hosed by the ref on one hit with a bad call. He just needs to work on not hitting the ball down the first base line. One step at a time I guess.

I7 at second base. Let's just say this was not a busy spot that night. Hitters were few and FAR between.
Thankfully, we'll be done with the season in two weeks. Seems quick even though day to day it is NOT at all quick. With games at 6pm, we usually walk down because parking is so bad and that means dinner is early and without Dan. A Total Stink.

So, I'll be glad for some peaceful evenings again, but it's been fun to see the boys enjoy the sport. Well for E11 to enjoy the sport! The other boys not so much.


Shonda said...

Favorite time is sitting on the bench...Hysterical!!!

Heather said...

Exactly Shonda...exactly.

kim wright said...

OMG! the bench...too much...I can't believe!

Heather said...

Hey!!! Kim he hit several times the other night. had a good game, but I don't know if it will turn him around or not.